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Use AI capabilities to translate text from one language to another.

Detect emotions, tone and language style cues in written text.

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Featured services

IoT Platform
Communicate with and consume data from connected devices and gateways.

Details: 500 registered devices

Watson Assistant
Use a natural language interface to automate interactions with your end users.

Details: 10,000 API calls per month

Push Notifications
Personalize and send unified push notifications through mobile and web devices in real time.

Details: 100,000 messages per month

Cloud Foundry apps
Deploy your app without managing underlying infrastructure.

Details: 256 MB of memory

IBM API Connect™
Control your API lifecycle by creating, managing, enforcing and running APIs.

Details: 50K API calls per month

Cloudant NoSQL database
Access a fully managed NoSQL JSON data layer that is always on.

Details: 1 GB of data storage

Watson Personality Insights
Derive insights about personality characteristics from social media, enterprise data and more.

Details: 1,000 API calls per month

Watson Tone Analyzer
Understand conversations and communications and better respond to customers.

Details: 2,500 API calls per month

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