The business benefits of IBM Cloud App Management

Give your DevOps and IT Operations teams a comprehensive suite of application management capabilities for every application stage. Detect, isolate, diagnose and resolve application problems as they occur in complex cloud and on-premises environments.

  • Reduce cost and keep customers happier
  • Measure application availability and performance
  • Predict potential issues by using analytics
  • Simplify support for users and for infrastructure
  • Automate complex application workloads

Manage your modernized apps with uniquely valuable application performance management solutions

Application modernization is the transition of existing applications to new approaches on the cloud. It is one of the most critical initiatives you will face today. More than ever before, it’s important to select the right management solutions for modernized applications, built around AI, to predict issues and resolve them before they impact users.

IBM Cloud App Management makes it possible for teams to manage modernized apps with automation and far greater visibility. Identify, isolate and diagnose issues or potential problems fast - even before they happen. The result: higher-performing applications, a more-efficient DevOps team and happier customers.

IBM Cloud App Management can help. Learn how.



Understand application behavior and performance with visibility into the end-user application experience, before SLAs are impacted.


Prevent application issues from affecting your business.  Embedded event management and analytics can help you resolve issues before they affect your customers.


Accelerate innovation with continuous application monitoring and active problem resolution. Lightweight, open-source data collectors enable developers to find problems earlier in the app lifecycle.

Application management: Significant cost savings and fast ROI

See how IBM Cloud App Management reduces downtime by 60% and lowers annual costs as much as USD 250,000 per year.

Are your cloud applications performing as well as they should?

Learn how IBM Cloud App Management can yield the insights you need as you move your applications to the cloud.

IBM Cloud App Management

This cloud-native application management platform delivers support for containers and microservices-based applications. Traditional workloads are supported, too. 

Ensure optimal application performance and availability. With this approach, you can:

  • Manage and monitor Kubernetes-orchestrated, cloud-native infrastructures 
  • Support IBM Cloud Private and workloads that run on IBM Cloud Private
  • Use embedded cognitive analytics to learn, predict and adjust your application environment before problems arise 
  • Access the most complete management solution for the IBM middleware stack

See how IBM’s application performance management solutions facilitate application modernization processes.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank deploys monitoring-as-a-service with IBM

"The biggest benefit of IBM application performance management is that it can be implemented in a hybrid model, so we can have IBM APM implemented as an on-premise offering and we can also use IBM APM to monitor the cloud components," explains Deepam Shah, Systems Management Specialist, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.

Comprehensive solutions for seamless application management

IBM Cloud App Management
This cloud-native application management offering helps you modernize your application and infrastructure workloads. 

IBM Workload Automation
Optimize and automate complex workloads for greater IT efficiency.

IBM Control Desk on the IBM Cloud
Simplify user and infrastructure support to reduce costs and increase satisfaction.

IBM Cloud Application Business Insights
Create customized dashboards without any coding and enhance data visualization capabilities.

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