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What can application management do for your business?

Application management solutions provide a comprehensive suite of capabilities to understand customer behavior and monitor the performance of and resolve problems with your applications, with the aim of ensuring more effective management of complex applications across the DevOps lifecycle.


Prevent application issues from affecting your business by using analytics to resolve them before they affect the customer experience.

Understand your applications' behavior and performance and apply business insights to improve the customer experience.

Accelerate innovation with continuous application monitoring and active problem resolution, so your applications continue to exceed your customers' expectations.

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Are your cloud applications performing?

Learn how IBM Application Performance Management can yield the insights you need as you move your applications to the cloud.

IBM Application Performance Management

Detect, isolate, diagnose and resolve your application problems in real time in your complex cloud and on-premises environments.

Ensure optimal application performance and availability by:

  • Extending your APM to manage hybrid applications with one solution
  • Using synthetic testing to monitor performance and availability
  • Eliminating blind spots in your hybrid application environment

Integrated capabilities cover five key areas:

  • User experience
  • Application resource monitoring
  • Transaction tracking and topology discovery
  • Application diagnostics
  • Analytics

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank deploys monitoring as a service with IBM APM

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank deploys monitoring as a service with IBM APM software

"So the biggest benefit of IBM APM is that it can be implemented in a hybrid model, so we can have IBM APM implemented as an on-premise offering for our on-premise systems and we can also use IBM APM to monitor the cloud components,” explains Deepam Shah, Systems Management Specialist, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.

Comprehensive solutions for seamless application management

IBM Cloud Application Performance Management
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IBM Workload Automation
Optimize and automate complex workloads for greater IT efficiency

IBM Control Desk on the IBM Cloud
Simplify user and infrastructure support to reduce costs and increase satisfaction.

An APM+ DevOps approach for the financial industry

An APM + DevOps approach for the telco industry

An APM + DevOps approach for the healthcare industry

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The Total Economic Impact™ Of IBM Cloud Application Performance Management (APM)

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