The business benefits of IBM Cloud App Management

Give your DevOps and IT Operations teams a comprehensive suite of application management capabilities for every application stage. Detect, isolate, diagnose and resolve application problems as they occur in complex cloud and on-premises environments.

  • Avoid failures and reduce MTTR
  • Correlate events to predict service-impacting issues
  • Automate monitoring of complex workloads
  • Integrate events from competitive tools
  • Monitor both modern and traditional resources
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Next gen performance monitoring

Golden signal monitoring and one-hop dependency are key elements shifting management from technology based to service monitoring.

IBM Cloud App Management enables the SRE to realize the value of modern application portability across hybrid clouds. With dependency-based monitoring of microservices, IBM Cloud App Management reduces MTTR, enabling ops teams to identify root causes by specific technologies in the application ecosystem.


Support app modernization

Support app modernization

IBM Cloud App Management delivers a management solution for hybrid, multicloud applications. Enable app modernization with a consistent approach to monitoring.

  • Monitor application transformation from on premises to hybrid and multicloud deployments
  • Application-centric monitoring to detect availability and performance issues
  • Support legacy applications throughout modernization
  • Enhance application monitoring in IBM Multicloud Manager
Enhance application resiliency

Enhance application resiliency

Quickly identify symptoms of a problem to understand downstream microservice dependencies before end users are affected. Use standardized golden signals to monitor your applications across all types of technologies. Discover and visualize app dependencies to reduce MTTR.

  • Anticipate service impacts with early warning using four standardized golden signals across services
  • Portable approach across technologies
  • “Management as Code” flexible integration with REST APIs
Manage infrastructure from a single control point

Manage infrastructure from a single control point

Designed for high scale applications and crafted to support cloud operations and Kubernetes, IBM Cloud App Management supports DevOps, SRE’s and IT Ops with app-centric monitoring of microservice-based applications.

  • One management solution for DevOps and Infrastructure Ops
  • Monitors both modern applications and traditional enterprise resources
  • Integrate events from competitive tools
  • Policy-based notification and runbook automation

“There are severe consequences of outages. It’s reputational risk, it’s financial risk to organization. So that's why we have a really solid APM.”


Reduced downtime


Lower annual costs per year

Support Multicloud Management

While IBM Mulitcloud Manager provides resource monitoring for Kubernetes infrastructures, IBM Cloud App Management enhances monitoring of multicloud topologies. Monitor your legacy applications alongside modern, cloud-native apps throughout modernization.

IBM Cloud App Management provides monitoring of hybrid environments from a single control point, providing the key management piece of a multicloud strategy.


Hours of downtime avoided per year for key business applications


Improved availability of applications

Enhance APM capabilities: SaaS, automation and dynamic dashboarding

Continuous delivery

Release applications more often and with better quality

Software as a Service

Utilize SaaS to modernize applications and increase app reliability with an app-centric, cloud native management solution.

Infrastructure support

Simplify user and infrastructure support and reduce costs through automated service management and integrated best practice-based service desk capabilities.

Visualization dashboards

Create customized dashboards without any coding and enhance data visualization capabilities.

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