What is HPC as a Service from Rescale?

Designed for speed and simplicity, HPCaaS from Rescale on IBM Cloud™ enables you to execute your HPC jobs along with the associated data in a few easy clicks. You configure the workflow and job execution environment (for example, compute cores, memory and GPU options) and execute and monitor the work directly from the easy-to-use portal. Moreover, you can analyze and visualize your results directly on the IBM Cloud, without having to download anything, saving you time and money.

HPCaaS from Rescale features


Automated end-to-end execution of HPC jobs accelerates simulations and product innovation.

Choice of software packages

Pick from Rescale’s select catalog of engineering, scientific and mathematical software.

Rapid scalability

Rethink scalable computing with access to rapidly scalable compute and storage resources and one of the largest global HPC networks.

HPCaaS from Rescale benefits

Easy to use

Intuitive UI-based solution means you can configure and run HPC jobs in a matter of minutes.

Cost savings

Consumption-based pricing model controls costs while automated workflow saves time required for running infrastructure.

Resource management

Administrative function allows you to monitor costs per job and restrict specific users or groups as needed.

How customers use it


Large-scale structural, fluid dynamics, thermal and electromagnetic analyses including wing structural strength, turbine flow, antenna placement and lightning strike.

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General photo representing HPC in the aerospace industry


Optimizing the vehicle drag coefficient, crash simulation, chemical kinetics for combustion analysis, intake and exhaust flow simulations and piston deformation.

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Photo of two men consulting on automotive design, representing HPC in the automotive industry

Electronics design

IC and PCB design and analysis, interconnect, cooling equipment and power storage, design complex systems on chip (SOCs), complex thermal analyses, EMC noise margins and crosstalk.

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Close up photo of an electrical circuit board, representing HPC in the electronics industry

Life sciences

Genome analysis, genetic engineering, drug discovery, infectious disease propagation and bio-sequencing.

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Photo of a scientist looking at a leaf through magnifying glass, representing HPC in life sciences

Get started using HPCaaS from Rescale

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