Enable high-speed, automated big data transfers

IBM Aspera® automation and management solutions provide robust file transfer orchestration, monitoring, control and reporting capabilities. These solutions save time, increase resiliency, and maximize the value of network infrastructure by verifying data integrity and security in transit and triggering notifications, data processing and format translation on arrival.

Designed for extreme scalability, they can accommodate virtually any set of workflow requirements to transfer big files and data sets between any location using the patented IBM Aspera FASP® transfer protocol, whether on premises or in public, private or hybrid cloud platforms. Highly visual graphical interfaces enable easy workflow design and testing, accurate real-time transfer monitoring and progress, and extensive customizable reporting.

Gain efficiency and control of your complex data transfer workflows

Icon representing versatile decision making for file transfer workflows

Versatile decision engine
Supports on-the-fly conditional decision-making, manual user inputs, automated high-speed file movement and a rich library of more than 150 third-party plug-ins

Icon representing file transfer workflow designer interface

Intuitive workflow designer
Allows users to graphically compose workflow sequences of inputs, actions and outputs quickly and efficiently with a drag-and-drop, browser-based interface

Icon representing flexible file transfers

Flexible transfer settings
Facilitates distribution of files to and from anywhere with automatic forwarding or custom pre- and post-delivery processing

Icon representing tracking and reporting of file transfer activity

Interactive tracking and reporting
Features a consolidated, web-based application that centrally monitors and controls transfer activity and bandwidth utilization on all connected transfer servers

Icon representing full visibility into the file transfer environment

Full visibility into environment
Enables administrators to centrally initiate, manage and monitor all Aspera transfers between transfer servers and managed transfer clients across the WAN

Icon representing full visibility into the file transfer environment

FASP-enabled performance
Uses the patented FASP transfer protocol to meet the most demanding high-volume workflow requirements with industry-leading high-speed transport technology

We are very satisfied with the Aspera solution. Not only does it make life easy for our customers, but it also simplifies the process for us because now we have a single entry point for files entering our facility, making it easier to implement security measures for incoming deliveries.

—Sandra Buerger, Senior Manager, Content Management Engineering, SES Platform Services

SES Platform Services accelerates playout services for VOD delivery worldwide using IBM Aspera


SES accommodates the needs of customers and content providers with flexible automated workflows and fast ingest and delivery capabilities.

Berlinale uses Aspera to deliver films fast at international film festival

With more than 300,000 attendees, the annual Berlinale International Film Festival relies on Aspera for streamlined internal workflows and high-speed, file-based ingest of feature films from participants directly to the Berlin data center.

Customers using Aspera for automating and managing file transfers

High-speed transfers, synchronization and automation support BT Sport’s new production hub.

IBM Aspera solution delivers critical data to NetApp customer success team at maximum speed.

WDR mediagroup streamlines workflows to process and upload about 80 percent more video content to streaming platforms.

Solutions for automating and managing your file transfers

IBM Aspera Orchestrator

Web-based application that enables complete workflow orchestration for the automated collection, processing and distribution of large volumes of file-based digital assets.

IBM Aspera Console

Web-based management application that enables centralized monitoring, management and reporting of the Aspera transfer environment.

IBM Aspera Enterprise Server

Aspera’s industry-standard server software for fast, reliable transfer of large files, directories and data sets over WANs.

IBM Aspera Connect Server

A universal file transfer software solution enabled with web technology to give web applications the ability to facilitate high-speed transfers.

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