Chatbot essentials

Build a chatbot that feels natural

Create a chatbot that helps people and keeps them engaged. These fundamental IBM Cloud® resources help you build for success.

How to build a chatbot for your business

Chatbots save time and reduce cost. Here’s how you can build, deploy and optimize AI chatbots quickly and efficiently.

Chatbot best practices

As you get started with chatbot development, learn from a worldwide development discipline leader at IBM Garage™.

A guide to chatbot basics

Videos, tours and hands-on labs show how you can use features of IBM Watson® Assistant to build a better chatbot.

Enhance your chatbot conversations

Make a friendlier chatbot with context variables and system entities.

Instant answers

Join thousands of your peers in the Watson developer community on Slack

More resources


Want to know how to build an intelligent chatbot? Join the discussion on Stackoverflow.

IBM Developer Answers

If you want to get started with AI chatbot development, visit the IBM Developer Answers forum.

IBM Cloud Docs

Wonder “Where should I start to build an AI chatbot?” IBM Cloud Docs has the answers.