Fully managed Apache Kafka as a service

IBM Event Streams for IBM Cloud™ is a fully managed Apache Kafka®-as-a-service offering available since 2015.

Event Streams helps you build intelligent, event-driven and responsive applications that react to events in real time so you can deliver more engaging experiences for your customers.

Event Streams for IBM Cloud benefits

Fully managed Kafka-as-a-service platform for cloud

Event Streams is a fully managed service built with the open source Apache Kafka project. IBM supports all of the Kafka APIs, including Kafka Streams, Kafka Connect, as well as KSQL.

Highly available and resilient

Event Streams leverages the availability zone support from the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service to help ensure that in the unlikely event of an entire zone being unavailable, your applications can continue to work uninterrupted.

Event-driven architecture

Integration with services such as the IBM Watson IoT™ Platform, IBM Cloud Object Storage and IBM Cloud Functions make it easy to leverage Event Streams as the critical component of your event-driven architecture.

Which plan is right for you?

Standard Plan

A fully managed multitenant Apache Kafka-as-a-service deployment, starting at just USD 0.014 per hour.

Enterprise Plan

A fully managed isolated Apache Kafka-as-a-service deployment, starting at just USD 12.50 per hour.

IBM Event Streams – Container Native

A container-native event-streaming platform that enables Apache Kafka for the enterprise.

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