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IBM application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions bring business, development and quality assurance software development teams together to adjust business goals continuously, based on customer feedback. By staying closely aligned throughout the software development lifecycle, development teams can deliver projects faster and with more customer value and higher quality.

ALM solutions from IBM are scalable, integrated and built on an open software development platform that supports lean and agile approaches, such as scrum, kanban and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). SAFe is a proven, publicly available framework from Scaled Agile, Inc., used to apply lean-agile principles and practices at enterprise scale.

ALM solutions from IBM can unify diverse software development teams, including those committed to keeping their current tools and those working with integrated cloud platforms, such as those included in the IBM Cloud™ portfolio.

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Application lifecycle management products from IBM help interdependent teams reap the full benefits of collaboration, using an open development platform that supports an agile approach.

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An ALM solution helps Itaú BBA cut the amount of time required for development, build and deployment

As we continue to work with IBM and deploy effective lifecycle management capabilities, we have accelerated our time to market and reduced our build and deployment time by 55 percent, freeing our developers to be more creative and innovate so we can better compete in our market.

Gabriel Lima, methodology manager, Itaú BBA


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