What is Decision Optimization on Cloud?

Easy-to-use, self-service decision environment. Harness the power of optimization-based decision support. No install, deployment, or maintenance requirements of traditional, on-premise infrastructure.

Decision Optimization on Cloud features

Use an intuitive interface

Benefit from a decision environment that helps you define alternative, what-if scenarios using the DropSolve drag-and-drop interface.

Solve advanced problems

Use algorithms to solve mathematical optimization problems. Quickly find optimal solutions for your planning and scheduling, supply chain, and asset management challenges.

Accelerate development

Work with an open, standards-based architecture. Minimize the risk associated with custom application development. Embed CPLEX optimizers in applications using the IBM DOcplexcloud API.

Decision Optimization in DSX

Benefit from decision optimization power within your DSX environment by calling it directly from your Python code, thanks to DOcplex Python package.

Decision Optimization on Cloud versions

IBM CPLEX Optimization Studio

IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio provides a model development toolkit for mathematical and constraint programming to optimize business decisions.

Decision Optimization Center

Provides an enterprise platform for building and deploying analytical decision support applications.

Get started on Decision Optimization on Cloud in minutes

With DOcplexcloud, submit your problem files to start solving automatically using either the DropSolve interface or the DOcplexcloud API.