High-performance, flexible and reliable

This scale-out NoSQL database is built on Apache Cassandra. It’s designed to power real-time applications with high availability and massive scalability.

Get more from NoSQL workloads, with a smooth and secured experience that is natively integrated into the IBM Cloud®.

How it’s used


Sensors work with IBM Cloud Event Streams and ETL to help manage Iot data


Manage any type of IoT data with an always-on, distributed and scalable modern database.

Clickstream analytics

IBM Cloud Databases for Datastax delivers analytics for services IBM Cognos Analytics and reports

Clickstream analytics

Get real-time analytics at scale, with no single point of failure.

Time-series reporting

IBM Cloud Databases for Datastax makes it easier to deliver time series reports for AI ML monitoring and analysis

Time-series reporting

Use a NoSQL database that’s purposely designed to handle time-series data at massive scale.



IBM Cloud Databases for DataStax

A flexible, secured experience.


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IBM Cloud Databases: SQL and NoSQL

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How to choose a database on IBM Cloud

Developers today face a proliferation of technologies, and these choices aren’t trivial.

Get performance, flexibility and reliability with IBM Cloud Databases for DataStax