What is Compose for etcd?

IBM Compose etcd is a key/value store the holds the always-correct data you need to coordinate and manage your server cluster. etcd ensures data consistency in your cluster and also enforces the order in which operations take place in the data so every node arrives at the same result in the same way.

Compose for etcd features


The etcd 3 API is built around gRPC, a resilient protocol designed to allow rich interfaces and high performance.

Change notification

etcd now has an efficient change notification system, building on top of gRPC. This enabled numerous watches to be set on keys efficiently without generating excess blocked connections.

Deployment configuration

Each etcd deployment starts with three nodes and two HAproxy portals. The three nodes each contain 256MB memory and 256 MB of storage. Each of the two HAproxy portals have 64MB of memory.

Compose for etcd versions

Fully-Managed etcd

Everything you need to run etcd out of the box.

Compose Enterprise

Provides a private isolated cluster of dedicated physical machines to provision Compose databases with added security to meet enterprise compliance.

Get started

Deploy a production-ready etcd instance in just minutes