Why IBM Cloud?

Enterprise grade

With more than 14,000 Kubernetes clusters currently in production and running, IBM Cloud™ is built to deliver.

By trusting IBM operational expertise and scale, you can free up time without forfeiting work – as seen in our collaborations with The Weather Company® and American Airlines.

Open innovation

IBM maintains a key role in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and contributes to many open source projects, including Kubernetes and Istio.

Build and run your containerized apps with one of the industry’s leading set of cloud native tools.

Security leadership

Ensure customers can trust your cloud-based applications.

With event-level risk assessment, tracking and remediation across environments, IBM Cloud provides one of the highest industry compliances for data encryption.

The Weather Company and IBM

In the face of a storm, the world’s top weather resource migrated to a secure, scalable global architecture in the IBM Cloud.


most downloaded weather app in the world


billion forecasts delivered daily†

How to start: modernize or build new?

In many cases, creating new applications is not necessary. Modernizing existing apps allows your business to leverage existing investments while benefiting from the flexibility and scalability of the cloud.

However, for some organizations, starting from scratch is easier than enhancing existing applications. Building net-new applications helps you deliver the innovation that users demand without being tethered to previous iterations or decisions.

Cloud native in action: Moving a VM-based app to Kubernetes

This tutorial walks you through the process of moving a VM-based app to a Kubernetes cluster using Kubernetes Service.

It includes concepts that explain how to containerize an existing app, then deploy it to a Kubernetes cluster.

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Get started with IBM Garage

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† The Weather Company, an IBM Business

The Weather Company is a registered trademark of TWC Product and Technology, LLC, an IBM Company.