IBM Cloud at VMworld Europe 2019: That's a Wrap!

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Closing out VMworld EU with our favorite moments from the show.

Another VMworld has come to a close! We could not have asked for two better shows. Our US show in San Francisco was the perfect kickoff, comprised of several IBM Cloud and VMware partnership announcements

Since the August show, IBM and VMware have continued to work together to launch new products showcasing innovation and leading technology that demonstrate why IBM Cloud is the right public cloud for VMware solutions. Our partnership over the last year—and, in particular, these critical advancements in the last few months—made our presence at the Barcelona show all the more exciting. We had a blast and hope you were able to join us! Relive the top highlights from the show below. 

IBM and VMware partnership 

For us, VMworld is the opportunity to share with clients, partners, and industry leaders the advancements IBM and VMware have made together to deliver secure, enterprise grade VMware solutions on the cloud. The event is the culmination of our collaborative partnership, endless visioning, continued investment, and inspired dedication to bringing value to our customers. The end goal is for our clients to realize the benefits of migrating VMware workloads to IBM Cloud quickly, and the reward is seeing the impact first hand.

IBM and VMware at VMworld

Seven major announcements

At VMworld Barcelona, we made several (7!) major announcements extending the IBM Cloud for VMware solutions portfolio. These advancements showcase our commitment to driving market opportunity and transformation through our deep expertise, expansive network of partners, and supporting services available to enable enterprises of all shapes and sizes to adopt and accelerate their journey to cloud. Announcements include the following: 


Hanging out with clients

When we see IBM cloud technology and VMware applications working together to advance our clients’ business objectives, it motivates us to continue to deliver enterprise grade solutions for the world's top businesses. Our clients are on the front lines, trusting us and our partnership, and investing in continuous transformation—they make it possible. 

Every year when VMworld rolls around, we are thrilled to be accompanied onsite by many of our clients, all at different stages of their cloud journey. This year we had the pleasure of engaging with dozens of IBM clients in varying capacities and were able to showcase IBM and client stories from Universidad Europa and Veritas. We value our clients and are thankful to partner with them in advancing cloud technology in their enterprises and industries. They truly are the best.


Enabling customers with lessons learned and best practices

Coming together at events like VMworld and having the opportunity to share our expertise and provide valuable insights is the most fun! In particular, being able to impart knowledge, lessons learned, and best practices to support customers in their journey to the cloud is one of the best parts. 

IBM Cloud held three sponsored sessions, five breakout sessions, and fifteen theater sessions. These sessions included high-value content, practical exercises, client stories, and expert coaching to enable adoption of knowledge and skills. We do hope the content was valuable. As a continuation, attendees are able to sign up for a demo or consultation to discuss their cloud journey with an IBM Cloud team member.


Winning at the IBM stand 

Whether it was literally winning one of the 30+ high-valued prizes or figuratively winning with priceless knowledge imparted by our experts, the IBM stand was certainly the place to be. Featuring a real-life Aston Martin Red Bull racing car and hot swag, the stand hosted 10 pedestals, hundreds of selfies, thousands of beautiful people from all over the world, and unlimited memories made. Every year gets better and better! Thanks to all of you that stopped by. 


So, what next? 

Thanks again to all of you that contributed to making this a memorable VMworld. We truly enjoyed the experience. See you next year! 

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