Tutorial: Deploy Isolated Workloads Across Multiple Locations and Zones

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A new solution tutorial with steps to help you increase the resiliency and reduce the latency of your workloads.

We're excited to announce our new tutorial covering a scenario that walks you through the steps of setting up isolated workloads by provisioning virtual private clouds (VPCs) in different IBM Cloud regions. These regions have subnets and virtual server instances (VSIs). These VSIs are created in multiple zones within a region to increase resiliency within a region and globally by configuring load balancers with backend pools, frontend listeners, and proper health checks.


  • Understand the isolation of workloads through infrastructure objects available for virtual private clouds.
  • Use a load balancer between zones within a region to distribute traffic among virtual servers.
  • Use a global load balancer between regions to increase resiliency and reduce latency.
Virtual private cloud architecture

For global load balancing, you will provision an IBM Cloud Internet Services (CIS) service from the catalog. For managing the SSL certificate for all incoming HTTPS requests, an IBM Cloud Certificate Manager catalog service will be created and the certificate along with the private key will be imported.

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For the secured maintenance of the servers, follow the steps mentioned in securely access remote instances with a bastion host using a bastion host which acts as a jump server and a maintenance security group.

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