The Open-Toolchain Tekton Catalog

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These are some of the most useful Tekton tasks to guide you in your experience with IBM Cloud DevOps Tekton pipelines.

Continuous Delivery Tekton pipelines are the core of IBM Cloud DevOps toolchains. This page provides you with a set of the most useful Tekton tasks that will help you build and deploy your application using IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery Tekton pipelines.

About Tekton

Tekton pipelines is an open source project that you can use to configure and run continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines within a Kubernetes cluster. Tekton pipelines are defined in yaml files, which are typically stored in a Git repository.

For more background and information on Tekton, see "Tekton: A Modern Approach to Continuous Delivery" and the following video: 

Tekton catalog description

The Tekton catalog is a Github repository that contains a set of tasks that can be reused in your Tekton pipelines. Each task is located in a sub-directory corresponding to its usage and comes with a readme and a sample folder which contains an example pipeline/listener. The readme details the task's usage, context, parameter(s) and output.

Example usage: git clone a repository

Tekton catalog content


  • Git
    • Clone a repository
    • Set git commit status





  • IBM Cloud DevOps Open-Toolchain
    • Create or update a deployable mapping between a Toolchain and the application it deployed.
    • Extract values from the desired config map using a given jq expression

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