Predatar and IBM Cloud Simplify Critical Data Storage

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How Predatar and IBM Cloud Object Storage are helping customers adapt to a changing world.

We established Predatar in 2017 as a framework management tool for backup-as-a-service. One module of the tool helps companies decide what to do with their critical data. Governance laws require that some of it be accessible at a moment’s notice, but a large portion can be stored off-site at a less expensive—but equally secure—location. For Predatar and our customers, IBM Cloud Object Storage provides the means for storing that data offsite, in the cloud.

A smart approach to data storage

It’s a major understatement to note the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world in unprecedented and unexpected ways. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that we are still constantly creating and storing data. As a result, the need for storage continues to increase at a steady pace. For years, the standard response to accruing more data was to purchase more physical storage. And for many companies, that remained the standard response . . . until COVID-19.

Virus containment and social distancing measures mean that many data centers are closed to all but break-fix activities, and staff shortages are causing delays to new project work. Companies need a quicker answer that can deployed remotely. For our customers, the answer is clear—rather than purchasing physical storage and continuing to blindly divert extra data onto it, they can use Predatar to identify large portions of data that can be moved safely to the IBM Cloud without any physical contact.

The many benefits of IBM Cloud Object Storage

Customers who use Predatar to move from local storage to IBM Cloud Object Storage report specific benefits. Most of our customers are able to offload 10–30 percent of their critical data to the cloud. They are surprised to find that it’s not just quick and easy, it’s also much less expensive. Gone are the days of paying for extra storage up front in anticipation of future storage needs. With IBM Cloud Object Storage, companies pay only for what they need, when they need it. That is particularly important during these financially uncertain times.

IBM Cloud Object Storage also has the ability to deliver automatic cost optimisation for changing data patterns. All data is not created equal, and its value can change over time. By offering data protection as a service paired with IBM Cloud Object Storage, we can continually optimise data in a manner that protects it appropriately and at the lowest possible price.

A straightforward solution for uncertain times

Predatar intends to continue adapting to a changing world and help our customers do the same. We are proud to offer our customers a simple, reliable way to manage their critical data with confidence.

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