Work Smarter, Not Harder: How Organizations Can Enable Employees to Do Their Best Work with AI

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A look at IBM Watson Orchestrate.

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The word “automation” often reminds people of assembly lines and manufacturing processes. But in a digital world, automation isn’t about the delivery of goods — it’s about making every interaction, experience and process more intelligent and impactful. This digital transformation helps companies deliver value to their customers and gain a competitive advantage in their industry.

See why intelligent automation technologies are essential to the future of work:

Today, organizations are implementing automation tools, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning within and across departments, and they are seeing results. In fact, more than 85% of adopters are reducing operating costs with AI. However, these cognitive technologies and tools have been traditionally used by IT. In my opinion, if an organization wants to build or maintain their competitive edge, they must enable individual employees — including those in sales, human resources, operations and others — with automation solutions that can help them be their best professional selves.

Learn why AI-powered automation is good for both organizations and for people at work:



IBM has made great strides in this area, helping drive digital transformation across industries. Today we announced IBM Watson Orchestrate, a new, self-serve, interactive AI tool that will help employees reclaim a significant amount of their time to focus on projects that matter. Watson Orchestrate can help employees streamline work and perform both mundane and mission-critical tasks faster — everything from preparing sales proposals, to sending emails, scheduling meetings and procuring approvals.

Watson Orchestrate isn’t a static bot programmed by IT. Professionals initiate work using Watson Orchestrate in a very human way, using natural language processing and common collaboration tools, such as Slack and email. Specifically, it will help employees:

  • Automate repetitive tasks and everyday work, themselves
  • Operate in one tool, interacting with all the data they need
  • Get their most important work — complex mission-critical work — done more quickly

Watson Orchestrate is currently in preview as part of the IBM Automation Cloud Paks, which feature capabilities to help quickly and intelligently automate IT and business workflows that run centrally, in networks and all the way to the edge.

Adopting AI across an organization doesn’t happen overnight. But one customer recently shared his advice for business leaders looking to start the automation journey and adopt AI within their organizations: “Get started.” I couldn’t agree more.

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