IBM Cloud Foundry – CF Summit Summary and Path Forward

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Cloud Foundry Summit 2018

The Cloud Foundry Summit 2018 Boston just ended, and all I can say is wow! I’m the Offering Manager for IBM Cloud Foundry, and let me just say, it’s been an honor representing IBM Cloud Foundry this week and working with all the incredible IBM technology people supporting this IBM Cloud compute offering. There was so much going on, so many great new things to learn, and so much news all around, it was a world-wind week of Cloud Foundry excellence.

Let’s run down just some of the awesome events that really impressed me – and MAKE SURE you fully read the Finale at the end of the blog for the most exciting news.

  • First off, IBM has an exciting new offering, but let me save that for last…

  • The IBM Open Technology and Developer Advocacy teams started us off with some great pre-conference activities. Including the UN-conference, an imp-prompt-tu set of topics and break-out session decided on the spot with people participating. Great fun and lively discussions.

  • That same team continued with representing at the User Day, where IBM and many other CF customers shared their experiences and journey using this technology.

  • TheIBM Open Technology team continued with am IBM team in the Hackathon where they submitted a “Blockchain Service Broker entry” and they WON! Excellent effort by the team and a fantastic showing for team IBM.

  • Then the show started out with great opening keynotes by Abby Kearns, and multiple guests including Don Boulia… but I’m saving that for the end too…

  • There were a ton of great sessions, including many by IBM contributors. The key track we’re especially proud of was the Cloud-Native Track that IBM ran, lead by a key Java Cloud-Native technologist IBMer Erin Schnabel, and a team of talented IBMer contributors.

  • Other key sessions include those by Dr MaxSimon MoserSandy CashSurya DuggiralaAndrew EdgarGraham ChartersOzzy Osborne, and many others. All the session materials and many videos can found on the CF Summit web site.

  • Of special note was a keynote by Alex Rubin, Principal Cloud Architect, Kaiser Permanente, and a key IBM Cloud Foundry customer. The story of Kaiser Permanente’s Cloud Foundry usage is engaging and extensive. Another session with Alex and Surya talked about “Consumerization of Healthcare on Cloud Foundry – Kaiser Permanente’s Experiences on Cloud Foundry Platform”, was well attended and talked about some great experiences on Cloud Foundry.

Cloud Foundry Summit 2018
  • The IBM Booth was excellent, with high engagement from a range of IBM Cloud Foundry connected technologies – including IBM Cloud Foundry Public, IBM Cloud Foundry Private, IBM Cloud Foundry Dedicated, IBM Container Service, IBM Functions, Watson AI, Blockchain, IBM Cloud Starter Kits, and a great Star Trek VR reality game using to Watson AI technology. A lot of great information about IBM Cloud Foundry and the ecosystem of IBM Cloud technologies. Several raffles of Oculus Rift VR headsets rounded out the action in the booth.

  • Also several IBMers won awards for Cloud Foundry Most Valued Contributor: @dieuthicao, @maximilien and @doctor_julz – congratulations for the hard work and well deserved award.

Most Valued Cloud Foundry Contributors


Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment

And now, saving the best for last, let’s talk about the new IBM Cloud Foundry service offering being released, the IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment.

Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment

Don Boulia, GM for IBM Cloud Developer Services, introduced the new offering on stage with Abby and demoed the early Experimental version. As he talks about in his blog,

“IBM is announcing that we are bringing the combined strengths of Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes into a secure, isolated cloud environment. This eliminates the need for developers to choose between these two traditionally separate cloud development technologies, and joins together the strengths of both in a way that gives developers complete control of where their data is living and who can access it.”

The announcement blog explains further,

“The IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment provides a tenant-specific Cloud Foundry environment for hosting a customer’s applications allowing compute isolation, administrative control and change management for the environment. It can be rapidly provisioned on-demand from the IBM Cloud console and scaled up or down as a customer’s needs evolve.”

Simon Moser, IBM Cloud Foundry Architect, and Sandy Cash, lead developer on the project, explained in detail how this offering works and what is can provide to enterprise customers.

Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment

Anyone who would like to engage in this early Experimental release should apply for the program.

Clearly we consider this Cloud Foundry Summit a great success, and we look forward to, as always, continued engagement in this wide Cloud Foundry ecosystem.


Articles & News

After the conference, there was a lot of great press about the entire Summit and the IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment

Articles & News


IBM Cloud Foundry Engagement

Other opportunities to engage with the IBM Cloud Foundry team will come in these great future events in the Cloud Foundry Space

  • Cloud Foundry Day at KubeCon EU, Copenhagen, May 2-4, 2018 – A great event that will highlight the IBM Container service Kubernetes engagement and how it fits the broader execution of the IBM Cloud efforts

  • Cloud Foundry Day in London – Tue, May 8, 2018 – Join like-minded developers, architects and cloud native enthusiasts at a free educational conference and networking event. The afternoon will feature a series of talks from Cloud Foundry contributors and users followed by a chance to meet like-minded cloud developers at an evening networking event.

  • Anyone who would like to engage in the Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment Experimental release should apply for the program.

  • Our lead IBM Cloud Foundry architect, Simon Moser, recently previewed the background technology on this offering in a blog post Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes: A brief history of CF/K8s – and at the IBM THINK conference session with his presentation materials.

  • Learn about IBM Cloud in general, and IBM Cloud Foundry.

  • Try IBM Cloud Foundry, you can get started free here.

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