developerWorks Premium benefits explained: Cloud subscription and credits

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developerWorks Premium benefits explained: Cloud subscription and credits

Update: The developerWorks Premium membership program is no longer available. This program, which bundled tools, learning, certification, and event discounts, has been discontinued.


What do novice and experienced developers really want? They want to build cool stuff – fast! And they don’t want to break the bank to do it. Our developers told us they wanted more, and we listened. We worked with IBM and partners to put together developerWorks Premium, an annual membership program for developers. developerWorks Premium provides you with skill-building resources, cloud benefits, event discounts and lots more for one low price of 399 USD. In this blog series, I’ll explore in detail the benefits of developerWorks Premium membership.

In this first post, I’ll talk about the great cloud benefits you get with developerWorks Premium membership.

If you’re reading this blog, you’re already interested in or using Bluemix. With developerWorks Premium, you get a full year subscription to Bluemix, as well as 240 USD worth of cloud credits. That’s right — your standard 30-day Bluemix trial becomes a 12-month subscription, and you can use your cloud credits towards any of great Bluemix services like Watson, IoT, Analytics, and more.

Second, you get 12-months of access to a SoftLayer virtual server with 45 USD in credits each month (up to 540 USD annually). Use these credits to create your development sandbox on SoftLayer for flexibility and performance.

A sandbox to play in, access to state-of-the-art services and popular third-party APIs to build robust applications, and a cloud platform to deploy them on – just a few of the fabulous benefits available to developerWorks Premium members. Learn more today and start innovating!

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