Increase Data Control, Choose EU Support for Your Cloud Apps

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New EU supported capabilities in the IBM Cloud in Europe.

You probably read the announcement last month about IBM giving clients control over their data. Today, these new capabilities to protect your data in the European Union (EU) are available and ready for use. In this post, I am going to show you how to utilize these enhanced data controls, use data residency within the European Union and get started with EU support for the IBM Cloud in Germany.


Last month, IBM announced a new support model and capabilities for IBM Cloud in Frankfurt, Germany. This is to ensure system access is restricted to EU-based IBM employees only and based on client choice. Along with the client control over where their data lives comes additional transparency. For IBM Cloud Dedicated, customers can review and approve all non-EU access requests and see when this access is revoked. Once the IBM Cloud account is enabled for “EU Supported,” any support tickets you raise will be routed to our client success team in Europe. The EU staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Enable “EU Supported” in IBM Cloud

To have IBM handle your support tickets from their EU-based teams, you need to switch "EU Supported" on in the account settings. If you have resources (e.g., services or compute environments) in data centers outside the EU, support tickets related to them are not necessarily handled by a team in Europe. Here is how it looked after enabling “EU Supported” for my account:

The option EU Supported turned ON for my IBM Cloud account.

The option EU Supported turned ON for my IBM Cloud account.

Getting European support

In case support is needed to resolve a problem, you would open (or add) a support case as usual. Support is then handled depending on your account settings, the type of service and what you pick for the case. The IBM Cloud documentation on support options has the details.


With EU support and enhanced data privacy features, IBM takes data protection to a new level and underscores its data responsibility. The IBM Cloud in Germany offers clients greater control of their data. It is simple to get started, try it today.

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