Choose a Git repository branch for your Deploy to Bluemix button

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Choose a Git repository branch for your Deploy to Bluemix button

Do you want to use specific build input to deploy your app to IBM Bluemix as a part of an IBM Continuous Delivery toolchain? Now you can! All you need to do is specify a Git repository branch when you create your Deploy to Bluemix button.

Deploy to Bluemix

Here is a sample button you can try out, which demonstrates the basic Hello World web application using  “devBranch” as Git repo branch:

Deploy to IBM Cloud

To create a Deploy to Bluemix button, copy and modify a snippet template in HTML or Markdown and include a public Git repo (e.g. from Git Repos and Issue Tracking, GitHub or elsewhere). When you add a branch parameter to the Git URL, the original public Git repo is cloned into a new, private Git repository. When you use the Deploy to Bluemix button, all branches of the git repo are cloned.


<a href="" target="_blank"><br>
<img src="" alt="Deploy to Bluemix"/></a><br>



[![Deploy to Bluemix](](;branch=devBranch)<br>


The specified Git branch is set as the input for the build job.

Tip: If you don’t specify a branch, the input for the build job is set to the master branch by default.

Want more information about how to use this feature? Check out the docs for Creating a Deploy to Bluemix button.

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