Solve Memory Leaks Faster with IBM® WebSphere® Automation v1.2

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As any developer or support engineer will tell you, memory leaks are notoriously frustrating to deal with.

Often, there is not enough diagnostic information to determine the root cause. When there is, getting a clear understanding of the culprits relies on tools that developers don’t frequently use. These challenges can make it difficult to make timely, corrective changes to applications. Operations teams are often tasked with “working around” the problem through various means — including regular restarts — to alleviate the problem.

IBM WebSphere Automation Version 1.2 helps eliminate these headaches with automated memory leak analysis and automatically generated problem reports. Announced today, it builds upon the automation capabilities in IBM WebSphere Automation version 1.1, which was introduced earlier this year.

What’s new?

Where Version 1.1 provided automatic detection of unresolved CVEs and automated inventory tracking, Version 1.2 helps you automatically detect and analyze memory leaks while they are occurring to provide a more accurate assessment of the source of the leak. Through integration with Instana APM, WebSphere Automation is notified when a traditional WebSphere or Liberty JVM is experiencing a memory leak — before the system encounters a fatal OutOfMemory error. WebSphere Automation then automates the gathering and analysis of diagnostic information, resulting in a human readable report that a WebSphere operator can share with their application development team or application vendor.

WebSphere Automation works with your new and existing WebSphere environments to help you realize immediate value. System operators no longer need to be reactive or be notified to take manual action — the necessary problem diagnostic information and analysis of memory leaks is done automatically. This means WebSphere operations teams no longer need to spend time solving these issues or building the skills to do root cause analysis.

Learn more

Check out the new feature in this demonstration video or try it today and experience WebSphere Automation yourself.

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