Coming Soon: SoftLayer Redirect to the Enhanced IBM Cloud Platform

5 min read

Access to the IBM Cloud platform at will soon be given to SoftLayer accounts that currently don't have access.

In April, we put a permanent redirect from to in place. Things have gone well, and now we're planning to begin phasing out the portal. 

What to expect

First, we've renamed SoftLayer to IBM Cloud classic infrastructure. You'll be able to access your infrastructure services in the following ways:

  • Navigating to the classic infrastructure world: Click the Menu icon  > Classic Infrastructure to locate your devices, storage, network, and security services. 
  • From the Resource list page: Expand any of the infrastructure categories; for example, Devices, Network, and Storage.

The IBM Cloud console

For more details about navigating the IBM Cloud console, check out Transitioning to the IBM Cloud experience.  

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