Powering up Databases for MongoDB

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Introducing IBM Cloud Databases for MongoDB Enterprise.

We are excited to introduce Databases for MongoDB Enterprise to IBM Cloud. Now, customers can tap into the full power of MongoDB for enterprise applications, especially those in regulated environments that need powerful data encryption capabilities and audibility 

The IBM Cloud Databases family is a selection of ubiquitous industry databases that run as a cloud native service with a common consumption, security, and architectural model. Our partnership with MongoDB allows you to leverage the latest MongoDB features and authentic APIs, while providing full automation of common, painstaking database administration tasks like high availability, backups, encryption, and infrastructure planning. IBM Cloud currently offers MongoDB Community Edition, and today, we are adding the feature-packed Enterprise Edition as managed DBaaS in IBM Cloud. 

IBM Cloud Databases for MongoDB Enterprise goes above and beyond the Databases for MongoDB Standard plan by offering a bevy of features for security, performance, and audibility. 

Detailed auditing

MongoDB Enterprise includes an auditing capability for your MongoDB instances. The auditing facility allows administrators and users to track system activity for your applications, such as authentication success and failures, as well as CRUD events and DDL changes. This feature is especially useful for teams looking to build HIPAA- and PCI-compliant applications. 

MongoDB Ops Manager

Users will be able to access detailed MongoDB metrics, Performance Advisor, and Data Explorer through our managed Ops Manager portal that ships with every instance. This means that out of the box, you get a managed portal to browse your data, automatically slow query diagnostics with Performance Advisor, and drill down into the deeper metrics of your MongoDB instance. For those that want to take things programmatic, you can also create 'personal API keys' to access the Ops Manager API rather than go through the UI. 

For those familiar with Ops Manager, you may notice the omission of a few capabilities. Since this is a Database as a Service, operations and management of uptime, scaling, and upgraders are handled by our team. That means less work for you! 

FIPs algorithms and automatic client-side encryption 

Every Databases for MongoDB Enterprise instance came enabled with Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPs) 140-2 mode out of the box, which is a pre-approved encryption algorithm required for U.S. Federal workloads. By using native MongoDB client libraries, you also get access to tremendous features for Enterprise users only, like client-side encryption

Backed by MongoDB experts, run by IBM

Databases for MongoDB is natively run on the IBM public cloud and managed only by IBMers. Our partnership enables backline expertise provided by MongoDB without providing access to customer databases or otherwise compromising data confidentiality

Databases for MongoDB Enterprise deploys automatically with the following  

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