Introducing IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition

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Increase ROI on your existing WebSphere entitlements.

Our team is thrilled to introduce a new offering: IBM® WebSphere® Hybrid Edition.

What it is

IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition combines all of the products in our WebSphere portfolio with application modernization tools. It’s designed to help your business in its digital transformation initiatives, from optimization and modernization to cloud enablement.

It includes six IBM solutions:

Why we created it

We know that companies are facing a number of challenges today. Among them are the need to maintain critical business systems (such as IBM WebSphere Application Server) and the need to transform digitally and cut costs in the process.

By putting these specific solutions together, companies will gain the ability to transform their existing WebSphere applications to reduce costs and increase efficiency across their businesses.

This infographic provides a great overview of IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition.

Where its business value is

Organizations are facing an unprecedented convergence of social, technical and regulatory challenges. Transformation projects are more important than ever, but they’re increasingly hard to greenlight. IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition addresses that challenge by enabling a phased approach to digital transformation.

You’ll start by optimizing entitlements — specifically, by moving some of your IBM WebSphere or IBM WebSphere ND cores onto IBM WebSphere Liberty. This will increase your server capacity and decrease your costs.

Next, you’ll modernize your existing applications. Use either IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor or IBM Mono2Micro to assess all of your applications and their dependencies. You’ll be able to identify how complex each migration would be and to consider the options for containerization and microservices. With this information in hand, you’ll be ready to create a roadmap and begin modernizing applications.

Finally, you’ll enable your business to become cloud native by preparing to build new applications directly in containers. You can also continue to move entitlements onto IBM WebSphere Liberty to free up additional capacity.

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