IBM Watson Orchestrate Is Integrating with ThisWay Global

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Administrative tasks slowing down the candidate search? Let's get digey with it.

Attracting and retaining talent is a top priority for leaders today [1]. With 10.1 million open jobs in the U.S. and only 5.9 million people looking for work [2], organizations that can move quickly to identify and hire qualified candidates will have the opportunity to avoid critical skills gaps that many executives expect to face in the next five years [3].

IBM has partnered with ThisWay® Global to help talent acquisition professionals accelerate the process of sourcing candidates whose skills match their job postings. 

The IBM Watson Orchestrate and ThisWay partnership

Integrating IBM Watson Orchestrate with ThisWay’s Diversity Sourcing and Matching Engine allows talent acquisition professionals to put talent at the center of the recruiting experience. Users work with their very own Watson Orchestrate digital employee (digey) to quickly create and post open job requisitions.

Using the integration between Watson Orchestrate and ThisWay Global, digey can pull a list of hundreds of candidates whose skills match the posting from ThisWay Global's sourcing platform. Within minutes, digey can obtain your job posting from your local repository—such as Box—and input the information into ThisWay Global’s sourcing platform. Digey can then easily save the output of candidates back to that same repository and start the dialog by emailing the candidates on the list with an approved template.

By handing off tedious and repetitive tasks to a digital employee, talent acquisition professionals are able to focus on higher-level work, such as setting talent strategy, interviewing and building relationships. 

"Our mission is simple; match all people to all jobs without bias. Our platform allows talent acquisition professionals to quickly surface the most qualified candidates, instantly and without bias. We're now able to take this process a step further through our technology partnership with IBM. When combined, our technology is transformational, allowing talent acquisition professionals to achieve greater ROI, while achieving an improved work-life balance."  — Angela Hood, Founder & CEO, ThisWay® Global

Benefits of the integration

Watson Orchestrate, together with ThisWay Global, can help you do the following:

  • Expand the resource pool: Access 169 million diverse candidates at your fingertips.
  • Discover strong existing candidates: Find highly qualified passive candidates to unlock talent in your organization.
  • Optimize reach: Offload the tedious tasks involved in creating and posting new job opportunities to attract top talent to your digey.
  • Identify candidates: Quickly surface qualified candidates for your open jobs based on your criteria.
  • Use fair recruitment practices: Reduce bias and increase organizational diversity.

Learn more about how Watson Orchestrate and ThisWay Global can help you find the perfect candidate

Our partnership with ThisWay Global is grounded in our need to ensure we help customers and lead in AI and automation responsibly. The power of technology is essential to changing how we do business, creating advantages and ensuring that the outcomes of technology are accurate.

As new regulations in human resources and other areas of the business come to light in the United States and other countries, there is increased focus on compliance; and navigating that can be overwhelming. With our expertise and innovation, we have a consistent track record of bringing groundbreaking technology to our clients, approaching bias challenges and exploring how work gets done in new ways. Our partnership with ThisWay Global is another example of our commitment to helping clients navigate the challenges of today’s environment with skills gap, growing technology complexity and ongoing pressures.

Come see how IBM Watson Orchestrate and ThisWay Global can help you get more time back in the day, all while assisting you to find the perfect candidate.

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