IBM Db2 on Cloud Introduces Point-in-Time Restore and Improves Cross-Regional Backups

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IBM Db2 on Cloud now makes it simple to restore to an exact point in time, via self-service.

Working with backups is a critical feature to ensure you can rapidly get your database back to how you’d like it.

Note: Some IBM Db2 on Cloud instances may not see the “Restore” button. If this is the case, please request IBM Support to enable the Point-in-Time Restore option for your database.

Some of Db2 on Cloud’s top backup and restore capabilities

  • Standard daily encrypted backups with log shipping: Daily backups of your database are kept on cross-regional IBM Cloud Object Storage. In addition, archive logs are shipped to object storage, which helps provide extreme resiliency and point-in-time recovery. By default, Db2 on Cloud keeps 14 days of daily backups. Please note that in Australia, there is only one region, so your backup will only be in that region.
  • Cloud object storage: Backups are kept offsite in multiple regions via IBM Cloud Object Storage. All paid instances use IBM Cloud Object Storage for backups. Backups are encrypted with your unique server’s encryption key and kept in encrypted form when being stored.
  • Time travel queries and Db2 tools: Your database should instantly query old data or offer some form of simplified auditing for the retrieval of historical data. IBM also offers the ability to perform your own data imports or exports through IBM Data Studio or any Db2 tool. Db2 Audit is supported.

To get started, see the point-in-time data restoration for Db2 on Cloud page.

Db2 on Cloud can help keep your organization on track

It is more important than ever to use technology that enables database administrators to operate in an agile environment. When your system crashes or you need an offsite disaster data center, Db2 on Cloud has all the features and benefits to help your organization get back on track.

Speak with a Db2 on Cloud expert to get more information about Point-in-Time Restore.

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