Powering the Right Now: DataStax Enterprise Available on IBM Cloud

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We are excited to announce the general availability of IBM Cloud Databases for DataStax Enterprise. 

Modern, scale-out, cloud native applications require a transformational data architecture that enables improved operating economics, developer productivity, and time-to-market. Built on the active-everywhere foundation of Apache Cassandra™, DataStax Enterprise—a hybrid cloud with scale-out data infrastructure—provides the freedom to run any workload on any device and in any cloud, with zero downtime at global-scale.

DataStax Enterprise is now a first-class citizen of the IBM Cloud, meaning it runs natively as part of the Cloud platform and is supported and managed by IBM engineers. DataStax Enterprise adds operational reliability hardened by the largest internet apps and the Fortune 100.

The IBM Cloud Databases family is a selection of ubiquitous industry databases that run as a cloud native service with a common consumption, security, and architectural model. DataStax is helping IBM Cloud customers to easily run mission critical and enterprise workloads by lowering the barriers to deploying cloud native, scale-out data infrastructure.

Our partnership with DataStax enriches the database capabilities available on our cloud with the latest innovations, enterprise capabilities, and authentic technology from the vendors themselves.

Today’s data-driven enterprises require premium performance, security, and scalability as they move mission critical applications to the public cloud. With best-in-class performance, robust security features, and an open source Kubernetes operator [1], DataStax Enterprise is the ideal database to engage enterprises for cloud native data at scale.

A quick snapshot of what DataStax Enterprise offers IBM Cloud customers:

A quick snapshot of what DataStax Enterprise offers IBM Cloud customers:

Databases for DataStax deploys automatically with the following

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[1] DataStax Enterprise Kubernetes Operator is not offered as part of Databases for DataStax. Learn more here.

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