IBM Cloud Container Registry is Deprecating Container Builds

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The container build capability of IBM Cloud Container Registry is deprecated and will be replaced by IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery capabilities.

The ibmcloud cr build command, which builds an image in IBM Cloud and pushes it to IBM Cloud Container Registry, is now deprecated. To build images and push them to IBM Cloud Container Registry from the command line, a tool like Docker can be used instead.  

It is very common to use the cr build command in a DevOps pipeline. In IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery, you can use either Classic pipelines or Tekton pipelines to build container images, but you will need to update existing pipelines to replace the cr build command.

The Container Registry job type in a Classic pipeline uses the cr build command from the job's build script. Several of the toolchain templates use this script to build container images. An alternative, which uses Buildkit instead of the cr build command, is under development. This alternative will be available before the cr build command is removed from IBM Cloud Container Registry. Detailed instructions for migrating your pipeline will be available then. Visit this page for more information including migration steps when they are available.

The Continuous Delivery service also provides several Tekton tasks that you can reference from your Tekton  pipelines to build container images. If you use the cr build command directly or reference the provided icr-cr-build task, you can migrate to one of three other Tekton tasks to build container images.

By September 6, 2021, users of IBM Cloud Container Registry will need to add the --accept-deprecation flag to the cr build command. The new flag is available in the cr plugin version v0.1.543 and will be required for continued operation from September 6, 2021, onward. IBM Cloud Container Registry container build service will have an End of Service date of October 5, 2021.

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Visit the IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery documentation page on building container images for more information on migrating your existing pipelines, or get started with the IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery service today.

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