Announcing the General Availability of IBM Cloud Databases for MySQL

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Production-ready MySQL that is available in minutes.

We are excited to announce that IBM Cloud® Databases for MySQL has been added to the IBM Cloud Databases family. Customers can now provision production-ready MySQL servers on the IBM Cloud platform. This managed MySQL offering helps your team focus on application and business development by handling time-consuming database administration tasks, such as high availability, automated backups, vulnerability patching and much more. In addition, customers can easily access powerful IBM Cloud integrations like IBM Cloud Monitoring and IBM Log Analysis for observability and IBM Key Protect for IBM Cloud and IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services for encryption key management. 

Fully managed

IBM continuously provides fully automated and automatic updates to the service, such as security patches and minor version upgrades. We'll also ensure your deployments help you stay stable and secure. We will make sure your MySQL database instance is enterprise-ready with all the integrated offerings. 

Deployment architecture

The IBM Cloud Databases for MySQL database instance is deployed as highly available across three IBM Cloud data centers in an IBM Cloud Multi-Zone region, with synchronous replication and a 99.99% uptime SLA.

Customers only need to connect to a single database endpoint, and IBM automatically manages the failover between Availability Zones. In addition, Databases for MySQL provides the ability to scale the MySQL instance horizontally with Read Replicas in region or cross-regionally. Databases for MySQL also provides auto-scaling capabilities, hourly billing and independent scaling of a disk, RAM and vCPU. These features significantly increase granularity on the sizing of the database for application workload.

Business continuity and read scalability 

All the backup in IBM Cloud MZRs are automatically stored cross-regionally, ensuring the backups are always available and allowing you to quickly recover to another region if required. IBM Cloud® Databases for MySQL allows recovery of data changes up to a given point in time in the last seven days (Point-in-Time-Recovery) and automatically keeps backups for 30 days. 

IBM Cloud Databases for MySQL allows up to five geographically distributed read replicas for read scalability or putting data closer to users in countries. Database administrators can also quickly promote a read replica to a full deployment during a disaster recovery situation by following some simple steps. 

Start today for free

While supplies last, you can email for a free $600 credit equivalent that is consumable over 90 days for IBM Cloud Databases for MySQL. 

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