Code-free automation

IBM Watson® Orchestrate, a 2022 CES Innovation Award Honoree¹, empowers your team with AI-powered digital employees working across existing business apps to take on time-consuming tasks. Watson Orchestrate uses AI to interpret and combine skills needed to complete assigned tasks based on deep company understanding and prior interactions.

Why Watson Orchestrate

Revolutionize how you work

Gain efficiency with everyday automation

The digital employees do tasks — send emails, schedule meetings and pull reports from Workday or Salesforce — in apps and tools already in use.

Streamline work

The digital employees have the unique feature of memory and business context, so conversation doesn’t restart with every new interaction, saving you time.

Ready to deliver

A catalog of integrations and templates extends capabilities for digital employees to meet your needs in human resources, sales and more.

Analyst viewpoint


time reclaimed with AI-powered automation.²


automation leaders expect to beat competitors' revenue.³


NPS by 2025 from AI-powered enterprises.⁴

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