Infuse trust and efficiency into your blockchain adaptation

Blockchain empowers businesses to digitize transaction workflow. The technology solves the pitfalls of transaction governance by leveraging the shared-ledger system. Your systems need to be integrated and business processes must be intelligently automated to ensure you adapt blockchain effectively. Using a rule engine supported by a decision management platform adds the all-important element of trust at the smart contract definition level.

Model the business processes
that govern your business operations.

Automate your workflows
by designing, orchestrating and governing your processes.

Automate your business policies
by using decision automation.

Use digital business automation to implement blockchain

Business process management (BPM) streamlines processes within an organization where trust is prevalent. Blockchain enables the execution of business processes across multiple organizations where trust may be lacking.

To effectively integrate business processes with blockchain, financial services companies must establish and implement "smart contracts" — business rules that regulate transactions occurring on the blockchain.

IBM's commitment to transforming business through digital business automation has taken a leap forward with its embrace of blockchain. See what IBM has offer.

Blockchain in the financial services industry — a use case

Financial services companies are investing heavily in blockchain, with a focus on accurate and timely process performance. To fully benefit from blockchain, you must first determine whether your business is prepared to integrate the technology into business automation. Join a 30-minute discussion to learn how to best incorporate blockchain into existing and future systems, assess the readiness of your core business processes and evaluate the realizable benefits for distributed transactions.

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