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The automation platform for business leaders

Digital transformation is about more than wringing cost out of your back-office processes. It’s about creating engaging customer experiences. A business automation platform enables you to digitize and automate entire front- and back-office operations with speed and scale, while providing real-time insight into your business.

IBM's digital business automation platform is a flexible automation platform that automates repetitive human tasks, content management, process workflows, data capture and business decisions.

Use bots to automate human tasks

Automate with robotic process automation (RPA) the highly repetitive tasks normally performed by humans, operating autonomously or assisting employees with tasks to increase productivity and free the employees to focus on higher-value knowledge work.

Share and manage enterprise content

Harness the insights found in unstructured data by securing, governing, understanding and automating access to your business content. When content management is part of your automation program, you can trust the content feeding into your core business workflows, improve customer experiences and ensure regulatory compliance.

Design and manage end-to-end workflows

Orchestrate straight-through and case-oriented workflows with a flexible and scalable framework for building business applications. Reusable workflow components make business teams more agile and provide a consistent experience for customers across the entire organization.

Automate decisions with business rules

Make the right decisions at the right time by capturing, automating and managing repeatable business rules. Business decision automation improves responsiveness and consistency while reducing costs.

Capture and extract data from content

Automate the capture and management of unstructured data found in paper and electronic documents and create a significant competitive advantage by quickly and consistently delivering accurate information to business users and business applications.

Featured products of the automation platform

Tasks: IBM Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere

Automate high-volume, repeatable tasks to free your employees to focus on higher-value initiatives.

Content: IBM Content Foundation

Leverage full content lifecycle and document management capabilities, including data protection with role-based redaction, to maximize the value of your enterprise content.

Workflow: IBM Business Process Manager

Manage, automate and optimize core business processes to enable business professionals to help improve your business workflows.

Decisions: IBM Operational Decision Manager

Capture, automate and manage business rules to help increase the agility and consistency of business decisions across your organization.

Capture: IBM Datacap

Streamline the capture, recognition and classification of business documents and extract important information.

Process mapping: IBM Blueworks Live™

Document and model business processes in the cloud to collaboratively discover, design and manage business processes across your organization.

Industry solutions

Deliver robust solutions with digital business automation

An extensive network of business partners has harnessed the power of IBM’s digital business automation platform to deliver robust industry solutions for banking, insurance, retail, and more.

Integrate digital business automation with blockchain

Integrating digital business automation with your blockchain implementation delivers trust within the execution of business processes and consistency across the business rules that govern transactions.

NHSBT delivers the first-ever heart transplant enabled by cloud

The UK-based National Health Service Blood and Transplant needed to allocate more life-saving donor organs more quickly, so they turned to IBM to automate the cumbersome 96-step process. Watch the video.

Featured education

Learn more about IBM's digital business automation platform and its capabilities.

3 Things You Need to Know About Robotic Process Automation

Learn how to propel your organization along the digital transformation journey and how RPA and digital process automation can increase the efficiency and productivity of your tasks ad processes.

Business Process Management For Dummies

Learn the basics of business process management (BPM), how to better manage your operations and how to respond to client needs more quickly and effectively.

Accelerate business processes with cognitive data capture

Learn how IBM Business Partner®, Pyramid Solutions, applies cognitive data capture to medical document processing to improve the usability and reliability of medical records.

Take control of your unstructured content

Learn how IBM Content Foundation helps securely manage massive amounts of content, and why file-sharing-and-synchronization tools like Box are not a replacement for ECM, but can help extend your ECM footprint.

Operational Decision Management For Dummies

Learn how to apply ODM to automate your operational decisions, collaborate on business rules and improve customer centricity; cut operating costs; and empower your employees

Blueworks Live demo

Learn how to document and model your business processes in an environment that’s easy and intuitive to use, has built-in collaboration tools and automatically generates industry-standard process models.

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IBM offers a scalable platform for rapidly prototyping solutions that automate and augment critical business processes, decisions and content. IBM’s ecosystem and industry expertise can help you start quickly and scale to enterprise-wide deployment, without the fragmentation of product and skills common to other solution providers.

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