App Connect Professional features

Simple approach – rapid results

With an intuitive, user-friendly interface and smart connectors to popular business applications in the box, App Connect enables you to seamlessly connect your systems and data, on premises or in the cloud. Select from hundreds of templates for the most common cloud integration scenarios to rapidly build powerful workflows, using a ‘configuration, not coding’ approach.

Flexible connectivity

No smart-connector? No problem! App Connect Professional features a range of options for developers looking to connect home-grown applications to existing business systems and data. With its built-in API capability, developers can then use App Connect Professional to expose integration flows as APIs that can be used to feed new applications.

Fully managed SaaS

With global data centers and a team of specialists managing the IBM Cloud, IBM helps ensure that App Connect is not only easy to set up, but stays up, allowing you to get on with the things that matter. Once you’ve configured a workflow for your needs, simply deploy it to run in the IBM Cloud. From the same interface, you can then manage all your projects with an instant view of resource usage, critical alerts, and a wealth of other information to help you manage your environment.

Intelligent outcomes

Using pre-configured smart connectors to a range of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, IBM App Connect Professional has a no-code approach that enables users to quickly and easily enhance their workflows with powerful cognitive functions including data enrichment, language translation and tone analysis.

Powerful tooling

With native support for 50+ transformation functions and an intuitive interface, App Connect Professional has a powerful mapper that enables users to manipulate and combine flat or structured data with ease. The tool prompts users with smart tips for complex scenarios and offers a live preview of results, making it simple to map your data.

How customers use it

Cloud Data Migration

Cleanse, enrich, and migrate data in real time between on premise systems and cloud based applications.

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Diagram illustrating migrating data to cloud using App Connect

Cloud Data Sync

Orchestrate integration processes across multiple applications in real time so that your users can immediately view data that is hidden in other applications.

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Diagram illustrating ability to sync data across multiple applications using App Connect

Cloud Data Mashups

Combine data from multiple cloud apps, which can be manipulated to present in a mobile app as a mashup.

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Diagram illustrating ability to create cloud data mashups with App Connect

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