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Simplify and prioritize your team collaboration.

Only one collaboration platform can help you grow your business to its full potential. IBM Connections and Verse is more than business software. With online collaboration tools and integrated web email, teams are engaged to get more done. Try Connections and Verse now to experience innovation in user design, social analytics, and cognitive-driven personal assistance.

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IBM Connections featuring Verse. Email. Meetings. Chat. Content. Social Networking. Watch the video (Youtube, 00:01:51).

IBM Connections featuring Verse


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Discover a new way to work

IBM Verse helps you prioritize your work, personalize your work experience, build stronger working relationships, and frees you to spend more time on higher value work.


Meet with anyone, anywhere

Online meetings that offer high-definition audio and video and document, application and screen sharing from your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.


Communicate instantly

Enterprise instant messaging, online presence indicators and community collaboration for instant connection to the people behind the information.


Inspire innovation through collaboration

Collaborate quickly and easily beyond the firewall with full-featured collaboration tools including dashboards, profiles, files, activities, and communities.


Confidently sync, share and collaborate on files

Easily collaborate by sharing files with an email address or with people in your network, manage access, viewing, and editing to ensure the right level of collaboration in a security-rich cloud environment. Always have the right version of your file across your desktop and mobile devices.


Real time co-editing

Simultaneously edit a document with other contributors, greatly improving the simplicity and efficiency by which teams build documents.


Designed for mobile

Stay connected while on the go. Attend meetings, use mail, instant message and share and edit files all on your smart phone or tablet with integrated mobile applications.


Compliance and eDiscovery

Cloud-based email archiving that provides IBM Connections Cloud customers with the confidence of knowing email is archived and accessible for compliance and e-discovery.


Customize to your business

Easily extend your social business capabilities based on your business requirements through the Social Business Toolkit.

Experience a new way through the eyes of:

Customer Service
Information Technology
Human Resources

Why do I need it?

As a marketer,  you can use IBM Connections and Verse to provide a complete work environment. Marketers need to share content, review in meetings, and work on the go with complete mobile capabilities. Connections and Verse can bring disparate teams together to develop go to market strategy, document plans and develop content. Create editorial and event calendars, communicate across the entire organization or world.

As a customer service professional, you can leverage IBM Connections and Verse to bring your entire division and company together in real time. Share and develop best practices online or offline. Build inclusion while leveraging diversity of experience and integrate case management tools into collaborative customer service communities.

IT departments use IBM Connections and Verse to enable the entire organization with innovative yet simple and safe business tools to accelerate success. Lower your total cost of ownership, receive fast ROI and protect critical IP with the power of Connections and Verse software-as-a-service (SaaS) on IBM Cloud.

As a business operations leader you can rely on IBM Connections and Verse to support processes, enable controls, and increase organizational efficiency. An intuitive platform makes work easier, reduces errors and increases quality to all customers. Built-in calendars, events and activity tracking ensures smoother and faster delivered projects.

HR leaders can infuse their entire organization with a simple yet complete platform to grow employees and business. Integrated business services like files, meetings chat, profiles and email ensure employees have immediate access to their peer experts and collective confidence grows.

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