Consistent software quality from a whole-team approach

Do your software development and testing teams have the right capabilities to achieve optimal quality? Are your mainframe software development teams performing at peak productivity? Do you need all kinds of applications developed in, literally, minutes? What about consistent quality across software development projects, including mobile apps?

All of your software development and testing teams need to be more agile. They need to adopt capabilities that enable them to plan and work together to remove waste in their processes and test their software earlier, more often—and faster.

Test earlier and more often

Software testing teams want to test smarter, but how? By combining service virtualization to mimic unavailable systems with test automation, software development teams can start testing earlier—or “shift left.” This also means they can provide immediate feedback to development so issues can be resolved earlier when they are less costly to fix.

Adopting these continuous testing practices accelerates time to market and reduces costs, while improving quality.

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IBM Rational® Test Virtualization Server

Service virtualization for testing earlier and more often

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IBM Rational® Test Workbench

Integration testing, functional testing, performance testing and service virtualization

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IBM MobileFirst Quality Assurance

Continuously deliver high-quality mobile apps

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Develop faster with better quality

All types of software development teams, from mainframe to mobile, can be more agile. And the IBM software development portfolio has helped teams develop faster, sometimes in minutes, and always with better quality.

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IBM Developer for z Systems® Enterprise Edition

Modern development tools for mainframe application development

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IBM MobileFirst

Deploy a complete environment, on premises or on the cloud, for developing mobile apps and enabling user engagements

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What IBM clients are saying

Sandhata reduces system integration testing from three weeks to four hours

The bottom line: service virtualization reduces your cost and accelerates development, and that’s what companies need to stay ahead of their competition.

–Gary Thornbill, Delivery Director, Sandhata Technologies Limited


A graphical representation of the factors and inputs that comprise continuous testing

Continuous testing point of view

Execute tests when needed, not when possible. Find and fix defects when they are less costly to do so.

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“‘Shift Left’ for higher quality at greater speed”

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Ask the Experts Series

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Cloud and DevOps roundtable and networking events

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Shift left—find defects earlier through automated test and deployment

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Total Economic Impact study from Forrester Consulting

The IBM-commissioned study examines the potential financial benefits of using IBM Rational Service Virtualization and test Automation solutions.

Continuous Testing developer community

This one-stop-shop in developerWorks offers a wealth of information and resources around continuous testing.

Get the most out of your software testing

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