Platform as a Service (PaaS)

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Deploy an app to the cloud in your lunch hour

and still have time to eat

IBM SmartCloud Application Services is IBM’s platform as a service (PaaS) that powers fast development and deployment of applications to the cloud with a suite of cloud-based development tools, workload patterns, middleware and databases. IBM PaaS runs on the IBM self-service public cloud, SmartCloud Enterprise.

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Get WebSphere-based applications to the cloud fast

with IBM SmartCloud Application Workload Service

IBM SmartCloud Application Workload Service (SCAWS) eliminates the tedium of managing middleware and infrastructure, enabling IT to more easily, quickly and repeatedly deploy WebSphere-based applications to IBM's public cloud, SmartCloud Enterprise.

App Patterns

Accelerate and simplify getting to cloud with patterns

Core to IBM PaaS technology and built on years of IBM expertise, patterns are templates consisting of software and virtual machine resources. Patterns radically streamline the set-up and management of hardware and software resources, enabling IT teams to quickly deploy complex application environments to the cloud with validated, high-quality and consistent results.

Scale apps with policy-based automated scaling

Patterns have policies to provide powerful automation, including a routing policy for load balancing, a log policy, a JVM policy, and a scaling policy for automated rule-based scaling. By setting the scaling policy, a deployed pattern can dynamically scale depending on rules (for example, based on request response time).

SCAWS Scaling settings
WebSphere Application Server Samples pattern

Capture your own expertise with customised patterns

SCAWS enables you to develop customised patterns to meet your business application needs, converting your own expertise into reusable templates. Once designed, your patterns are available in SCAWS (or PureSystems) to automate a wide range of IT tasks.

Move apps between private, public and hybrid

SCAWS is based on IBM Workload Deployer (IWD), the same deployment engine used by IBM PureApplication System. By using SCAWS, you can easily port your workload patterns to another environment managed by either IBM Workload Deployer or the IBM PureApplication System. (US)

Delivery becomes a team sport

with IBM SmartCloud Application Collaborative Lifecycle Managment Service

IBM SmartCloud Application Collaborative Lifecycle Management Service (CLMS) is a set of seamlessly integrated tools that provide a real-time cloud-based collaborative environment for accelerated application development and delivery. Based on proven IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management, our pay-as-you-go service coordinates activities across business and system requirements, design, development, build, test and delivery—improving productivity and time to delivery.

In-context collaboration

Collaborate on designs, requirements, plans, code and tasks to make decisions from a single source of truth.

Real-time planning

No more garbage in, garbage out. Plans linked to real work…and everyone knows everything, 24/7.

Lifecycle traceability

Gain insights that you didn't have before and make better decisions to improve delivery predictability.

Development intelligence

Set measurable goals and track them easily. Know exactly what's going on in your project. No more surprises.

The IBM SmartCloud partner ecosystem

IBM is committed to building and supporting a powerful ecosystem of innovative cloud partners that work with IBM SmartCloud Application Services (PaaS) in two distinct ways. First, our partners leverage IBM SmartCloud Application Services to develop solutions for their end customers and deliver them in a software-as-a-service model. Second, the SmartCloud ecosystem significantly extends the breadth and depth of our application development capabilities. For example:

IBM’s partnership with Zend provides
an enterprise-grade PHP application pattern for IBM PaaS that streamlines application deployment, simplifies production troubleshooting, and enables true DevOps agility.PaaS platforms

Zend Server for IBM SmartCloud

Learn more about Zend Server

Services accelerate your journey to cloud

IBM Software Services for Cloud provides unrivalled IBM software expertise and assets to help deploy your workloads in private, public, or hybrid cloud environments. Our seasoned experts will help you tap the power of cloud with:

IBM Software Services for Cloud

Unmatched platform flexibility, control and choice

With IBM’s broad and integrated family of cloud technologies, you can get a cloud application platform that’s built to meet your unique requirements. Develop and test application patterns on SmartCloud Application Services, and then deploy applications with:

  • IBM PureApplication System

    IBM PureApplication System

    Use IBM PaaS in your own private cloud with our expert integrated system for private cloud application management and deployment.

  • IBM Workload Deployer

    IBM Workload Deployer

    A hardware appliance that provides IBM middleware virtual images and patterns to easily create, deploy and manage application environments in a private cloud.

  •  IBM SmartCloud Enterprise

    IBM SmartCloud Enterprise

    IBM SmartCloud Application Services PaaS runs on, and automatically deploys virtual resources to, IBM SmartCloud Enterprise, IBM's public IaaS.

All three solutions share common core IBM PaaS technology and use IBM's pre-configured patterns of middleware and virtual resources to make the deployment of applications fast and repeatable.

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Infographic: PaaS insights

IBM interviewed people from 1500 companies to learn about the benefits of adopting PaaS.

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