Feature spotlights

Common customer profile view

Provides customer profile model content including demographics, download behavior, point-of-sale visits and campaign reaction or surveys. Offers flexible, cross-dimensional reporting using customer, device, plan, location and usage data to help you identify and promote new value-added services.

Product lifecycle management

Integrates product management and performance measurements across lines of business and functions. Provides analysis to help you capitalize on increased traffic or new product introductions. Network analysis can also help communications service providers understand and predict usage patterns to inform capital investment decisions.

Campaign performance management

Tracks sales and marketing activities to help improve program planning. Provides campaign performance metrics across channels and touch points.

Service management

Analyzes usage, availability and customer experience data related to new services, self-service and monetary services. Provides revenue metrics to address provisioning, usage, call detail record capture, rating, billing, receivables and credit risk issues to support revenue analysis.

Integration, analytics and reporting

Uses data models that integrate with common data warehouse products such as IBM DB2, InfoSphere Information Server and InfoSphere Master Data Management Server. Offers support for TM Forum business performance metrics, and provides IBM Cognos sample reports that cover subject areas important to service providers.

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