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Tape Manager for z/VM and DFSMSRMS z/VM in TS7700 Tape Grid

Configure and test Tape Manager for z/VM V1.3 on a z/VM V6.3 system running DFSMSRMS for z/VM.

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IBM Tape Manager for z/VM and IBM TS7700: Managing Scratch Volumes to Free Cache

Learn how to configure Tape Manager for z/VM and the IBM TS7700 to free disk cache for virtual tapes that are expired.

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IBM Infrastructure Suite for z/VM and Linux - Customer Experiences

A compilation of real customer experience scenarios on managing z/VM and Linux on IBM Z® or LinuxONE environments.

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Tape Manager for z/VM - Overview

An overview of IBM Tape Manager for z/VM, including sharing a catalog across multiple z/VM LPARs.

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Fact Sheet for IBM Tape Manager for z/VM V1.3

Provides a one-page overview of Tape Manager for z/VM V1.3.

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Enabling the FACILITY Class for use by RACF for z/VM

IBM RACF® for z/VM® provides a mechanism for the control of resources associated with the z/VM environment.

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Tape Manager for z/VM V1.3 Program Directory

This program directory is intended for the system programmer responsible for program installation andmaintenance.

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