Feature spotlights

Enable continuous monitoring and predictive analytics

Using clear dashboards and visual reporting tools, executives can monitor your resiliency program effectively. The dashboard alerts users to events requiring attention and currently active recovery workflows. RPOs and a data lag meter offer instant, visual summations of your entire backup operations.

Preempt and manage information risk

Manage disaster recovery and resiliency at the business process and application level with intelligent workflow management in a security-rich cloud environment. Rely on around-the clock access to your data. IBM support teams are also available 7x24x365 with different service level options available from local and global support centers worldwide.

Lower deployment time, recovery time and operating costs

Use intelligent automation to orchestrate automated test plans and failovers. Run automated test scenarios for better analytics, reporting and planning lifecycles. The IBM recovery automation library includes over 400 patterns to help reduce recovery time and the amount of resources required to process, store and manage backups of applications and data.

Achieve scalability to meet changing business demands

IBM Backup as a Service can be a standard to customized solution based on client needs and can meet industry required security and compliance standards. The service provides provision for capacity planning and the scalability you need for future growth with the latest technologies.

Rely on IBM experience and expertise

With over a decade in the cloud backup services businesses, IBM has served clients across all industries in complex and legacy environments. Today we use over 600 global resiliency centers in 70 countries, and back up 2.3 exabytes of data annually with a greater than 99.5% success rate.

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