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Mastering Learning as a skill

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As we come to the close of the 1st quarter in 2017, we have been exposed to a multitude of publications around top skills and/or  top jobs for 2017.   Here are some stand-outs from my perspective :

As you read through each of these articles what will become very quickly apparent is the fact that “Technological change, demands stronger and more continuous connections between education and employment” which is the basis of this great article from The Economist titled : Lifelong learning is becoming an economic imperative

When you really boil it down, the ONE skill that every individual absolutely needs to master TODAY is the ability to learn – not only in a static, once in a lifetime way but rather in a continuous, every single day lifelong learning way! According to this article in the Wired magazine, one of the best predictors of performance are tests of general cognitive ability. They are predictive because general cognitive ability includes the capacity to learn, and the combination of raw intelligence and learning ability will make most people successful in most jobs. So, how does one go about increasing their “learnability”? That can be achieved by practicing the various techniques listed in the article Learning is personal.  Additionally, in order to be able to effectively self-direct ones learning there is a need  to have a supporting framework which facilitates, supports and enables that activity. The 3 main components to that are :

  • Content : Constantly refreshed, modular in nature and addressing various niche topics;  this content needs to be sourced and aggregated from a multitude of content repositories.
  • Personalization :  The learner should be able to define their preferences in terms of areas of interest, skill levels, learning styles etc. in order to arrive at a fully customized view relevant to them. This needs to be amplified with recommendations and notifications to help them quickly discover new pieces of content which would continually help enhance their skills.
  • User Experience : The learner needs access to an interactive learning experience that will keep them engaged and coming back for more.

IBM recognizes the importance of YOUR learning and is in the process of implementing a total learning solution that meets all your personal learning needs. Starting March 20th, head over to the IBM Skills Gateway to find content carefully curated from multiple data sources, self-directed learning journeys on various IBM technologies and the ability to personalize the learning experience – just for you.  Let us help you Master your learning skills in 2017!

Can’t wait ? Take a sneak peak today.

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