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What is a Cognitive Enterprise and Why build it?

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Organizations are facing an unprecedented convergence of technological, social and regulatory forces. As artificial intelligence (AI), automation, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain and 5G become pervasive, their combined impact will reshape standard business architectures.

Later in June 2019, CNBC is organizing multiple discussions in Mumbai called Building Cognitive Enterprises. These discussions will also be televised and will focus on

  • the need for transformation of businesses and enterprises
  • how leaders in various industry segments have already embarked on their transformation journey, and
  • IBM expertise on essential actions in the key layers of clients’ organizations where the first steps of change will be applicable

Click here to explore the agenda and determine whether this helps the transformation journey you are responsible for, by attending the event.

But let’s take a step back and ask ourselves the question – what is a Cognitive Enterprise?

Simply put, it would be a company that uses artificial intelligence and distributed technologies such as IoT, Blockchain, Automation, 5G to power and disrupt the markets of the future. It can also be described as an organization comprising multiple business platforms where the competitive edge comes from expertise that combines data and unique workflows to drive differentiating client experience.And in this definition lies the revelation of what companies would need, to transform and achieve the end goal of being a Cognitive Enterprise.

As you can see, expertise translates into the company’s people, intelligent & unique workflows into the process and all of this change is being driven by access to and insights from data that was previously untapped!

In India, Bestseller(popularly recognized through its Vero Moda brand) saw an opportunity to expand its capabilities when company leaders recently visited IBM labs in Bangalore and experienced the power of Watson firsthand. Today, they are embarking on a journey to become a fully AI-driven enterprise.

Organizations must however realize, that for all the focus on the impact of new technologies and AI, the most important aspect of the Cognitive Enterprise is still going to be its people. The culture of the Cognitive Enterprise will need to keep these human factors front and center. Making this work seamlessly will require a much stronger set of continuous feedback mechanisms and methods, such as the IBM Garage, engaging the wider organization in the co-creation of attractive experiences.

The most successful companies will be those that excel in this area. Is yours going to be one of them? If you are a decision maker that contributes to this transformation at your organization, come and join us on June 20, 2019 in Mumbai for Building Cognitive Enterprises.



Product Marketing Leader - Industry & Services - IBM India/South Asia

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