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IBM Services – Breakthrough Partnerships: Godrej Group teamed with IBM to embark on cloud journey

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Indian organizations are growing. From being regional players within the country to being national and some even multi-national companies (MNC’s) in their own right. Predominantly through inorganic growth in developing markets around the world and sometimes even acquiring companies in the developed markets. A lot of departments need to come together when two or more companies merge or get acquired with the mother organization!

If you think about the strain such acquisitions put on the IT backbone of such organizations, you’d be amazed at what they have to go through. From a wide variety of ERP’s to multiple regulatory conditions in the varying countries they now operate as one large entity, from paperless organizations to still largely legacy style. As the Godrej group, headquartered in Mumbai, India grew internationally, it was a similar scenario and they required an equally globally spread partner, with deep IT expertise and knowledge of their existing systems to help them transform on this journey.

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Watch these short videos of how Godrej teamed up with IBM Services to create a breakthrough partnership.

Godrej leadership expected their own IT and business teams working with IBM to start functioning like a start-up, but at the scale of an enterprise, bringing, agility and nimbleness, to respond quickly to the market needs. The partnership with IBM Services helped Godrej embark on a journey to consolidate the IT footprint across multiple locations, into a private, virtualised cloud. This helped Godrej to streamline the IT spend and achieve a cost reduction of upto 20% while disaster-recovery readiness went up to 100% of the workloads. With robust cyber resiliency solutions in place, there have been ZERO severity level 1 or 2 security breaches for close to 2 years and not a single unplanned downtime incident.

Read the case study to know more about this breakthrough partnership.

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