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Transform CX with AI: Being Personal, Seamless & Relevant

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Companies use all kinds of tools to find out what customers think about their products and services so they can improve the overall customer experience (CX). They mine data from social media, conduct focus groups surveys, and collect feedback from customer service reps.

Eventually, all this information will reveal what customers think and feel. But businesses are often left wondering why their customers feel the way they do. Their response may be another round of focus groups or surveys to gather even more data. In the meantime, the business continues to miss the mark with its customers because it still hasn’t solved the why issue.

We believe that the why exists in the data that organizations already have. Until now, it’s been impossible to read through or analyze all this data and view it in context to generate any meaningful insights in a timely manner. But applying natural language processing and AI technology to the data has changed the game. Today, with AI you can understand the why behind the data at scale.

A new era of customer experience: Artificial intelligence (AI) is unleashing a new approach for customer experience (CX). We haven’t seen changes on this scale since the internet transformed print professionals into digital pioneers. But the timeline for evolution is far shorter than it was twenty years ago. Most companies may have technology gaps, or lag behind the strategy and skills needed to meet their AI aspirations. As a result, executives face the challenge of making the shift. Companies need to take action to deploy AI, use it to draw insights and automate campaigns.

We know that Digital Reinvention is a key task for CXOs.I think our struggle is collective and across industries. At IBM we believe that out of all the new age technologies, AI is a new friend that Marketers should embrace for solving many of their new age professional problems. Globally we see leading marketers have started to use AI to solve newer problems, and we anticipate AI adoption among marketers to rapidly increase over the next few years.

Marketing, Watson Marketing – To take a leap towards the journey of AI we brought AI Inspiration Series to India, travelling across Mumbai, Bengaluru & wrapping up at Delhi. We discussed about delivering excellent customer experience underpinned by omni-channel, by being consistent, seamless, efficient and personalised. How do we make it happen? Answer is AI: consider this:

  • Helps understand your audience with sentiment analysis, predictive insights etc based on which you can then serve most relevant, personalised content
  • Detects journey patterns and alerts you to anomalies you can then fix the places where your customers struggle to make purchase experience seamless
  • Helps reduce time on doing reporting you can then focus more on strategic assignments

Above are some of the scenarios we went over, there are more possibilities which could be explored. On that note, a big thank you for joining us at AI Inspiration Series 2019, download the presentation pass it along to your colleagues to inspire them too.


Watson Customer Engagement & Watson IoT Marketing - IBM India/SA

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