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Scenario 1: You’ve been on a vacation, and it’s been a great time. It’s one of those holidays where you decided to leave your laptop behind and disconnect the email service from your handheld device as well. What’s that? You say it sounds utopian?!!   But let’s just hold on to the thought for a moment. And then you come back and think you could catch up on all the email during the intervening weekend, so that Monday doesn’t begin with 100s of unread emails. Only to realize that your password had expired in the interim and all reminders to reset the same never really reached you. I hear you again now, saying it sounds all too familiar! Wish you could get help from someone in IT, over the weekend, to reset your password and get going, but alas..

Skip the read if you’ve guessed where I’m going with these scenarios and know more about our automation solutions for the digital workplace, by exploring this webinar by Nilesh Lad and let us know if you’d like to get started!

Scenario 2: Few weeks ago, I wrapped up a busy day at work and had started my return commute home. Thankfully, I don’t have to be at the wheel (not a requirement when you enjoy public transport J) and I continued to work through emails that were on my hand phone. Just then I noticed one that required me to access a spreadsheet I was working on, to edit it further and then bring it up at a meeting I was required to join with my management & a few other colleagues. I was able to whip it up from the shared folder I had saved it on, edit it using Office software available as an app and then bring it to the meeting I joined using another teleconferencing app. Nothing stopped me!

Scenario 3: You are very much at your desk in office, however, your IT support is located in another location. They have a helpline number you can use your deskside phone to reach out to. You dial, go through the IVR – which takes about 5 minutes of the call anyway – and then wait, and wait and wait some more before you are connected to a “human” on the other side 20 minutes later who eventually takes remote control of your screen – with your permission ofcourse – and solves the problem for you! But it took almost an hour out of your productive working time. What if you could simply chat up your query, find someone or something(!) that can chat back with you and provide you troubleshooting tips to fix the problem. In close to 80% of the cases, you’ll discover that the chatbot solves your problems and you’re sorted in 5-10 minutes and can get back to your work!

You must’ve got the hint by now. Each of the 3 scenarios reflect automation at the digital workplace and how life for employees can be simplified, providing them a consumer-like helpdesk support environment and an agile, collaborative workplace. All of this ofcourse requires a meticulous assessment of your as-is scenario and planning and execution of projects to take it to the to-be state that you want to get to! Digital Workplace Services from IBM can be your best bet.

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