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BRF enables consumer-like IT support for its employees

There is no dearth of large multi-national organizations across the world, operating in several industries. Couple of things common across all of them is a large number of employees, several instances of IT infrastructure, software, applications running these organizations and therefore, a need for those employees to engage with IT helpdesks to resolve their issues.

The scenario was ditto in the case of BRF – A multinational food major with Brazilian roots. BRF evaluated AI-powered help desk solutions and zeroed in to work with IBM Watson for providing their employees a seamless and consumer-like IT support experience. IBM Digital Workplace Services provided them with a solution that served their needs. Watch the video to know what they did and how they benefited. A more detailed Q&A with Leo Rahn, IT services coordinator for BRF can be found here.

One only needs to imagine the amount of time spent in reaching out to an IT Helpdesk for support on issues employees face with the hardware (laptops / mobile devices) they use to get work done as also with the hundreds of applications they access from all locations – be it company offices, remote sites, client locations or on the move! And you guessed it right, if you concluded that a majority of these issues could be solved using a chatbot without needing to escalate these to a human agent. Schedule a 30 min. free consultation to know more about desk-side support automation from IBM Services.

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