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It’s time to bet big on AI to enhance customer experience

As a new-age connected customer, I want the best in customer experience (CX) – whether at a restaurant, supermarket or on a flight. The best CX comes from making an effort to be closer to the customer and making them feel that every interaction is tailored just to them. Like the barista who knows my coffee order!

Amidst all this chatter on personalised customer experiences is Artificial Intelligence (AI). It connects customer data from sources like websites and social media and enables you to craft marketing messages that are more relevant to consumers’ current needs. AI can deliver experiences that are more personalized for each user, shape the customer journey, influence purchasing decisions, and build brand loyalty.

Take the example of TGI Fridays UK. Apart from the ubiquitous burgers, wings and salads, the restaurant has put AI on the menu to create unique personalised experiences for its customers. By using IBM Watson Campaign Automation, they are able to identify the individual profiles and preferences of their guests and whet their appetites with highly relevant marketing communications. “We’ve increased repeat visits from members of our loyalty program by 61 percent, boosting revenues attributed to those customers by 66 percent,” says Steve Flanagan, Chief Marketing Officer at TGI Fridays.

If you are a customer experience or marketing professional, then it is important for you embrace the power of AI to drive revenue and create better customer experiences. To know how to do that, register for the AI Inspiration Series 2019 in Mumbai (Feb 25), Bangalore (Feb 27) and New Delhi (Feb 28). The event will provide insights on:

  • Why customer experience is the new battleground
  • How to respond to increasing customer expectations
  • How AI can deliver a personalised experience


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Navneet Narula

Head of Watson Customer Engagement - India and South Asia at IBM India Pvt Ltd

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