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Welcome to the world of Hyper-Personalisation and AI

From finance to sales to operations, artificial intelligence (AI) is impacting every part of your business. So too with customer experience (CX)? And that’s where things get tricky. It isn’t simply enough to catch the eyes of customers; it’s also important to deliver happiness and win their hearts. For this, marketers prefer one-to-one marketing that is […]

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It’s time to bet big on AI to enhance customer experience

As a new-age connected customer, I want the best in customer experience (CX) – whether at a restaurant, supermarket or on a flight. The best CX comes from making an effort to be closer to the customer and making them feel that every interaction is tailored just to them. Like the barista who knows my […]

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Opportunities and challenges in AI adoption

In this era a data deluge, Artificial Intelligence presents a great opportunity for enterprises to deliver entirely new types of customer engagement, strategic innovation and business transformation. At the same time, akin to any new age technologies, AI adoption has to be embraced and executed carefully considering all challenges that it poses. The impact from […]

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