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Considerations for your SAP Workload on Cloud

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As an existing or potential SAP customer you may be investigating and analyzing SAP’s roadmap and how it affects your organization, especially from an infrastructure standpoint.  Many SAP customers are asking:

  1. Should I move to SAP HANA and when?
  2. Should I move my SAP workload to the Cloud?
  3. What kind of Cloud (Private, Public) OR  Should it stay on-premise?
  4. Should I do both?
  5. Where is SAP taking HANA with S4/HANA and how does it impact my infrastructure?

New technologies of Cloud, IoT, Blockchain, Cognitive computing and AI are disrupting in way business is done.  SAP customers are looking at S/4HANA and SAP Cloud Platform as the way to enable themselves for these technologies. SAP & IBM have already announced the availability of the SAP Cloud Platform as a Single Tenant Edition on IBM Cloud Private some time back and we are excited to launch pilot experiments with clients now, as a prelude to general availability in Q1 2020.

IBM has been helping clients successfully move to HANA since 2014 and to deploy SAP workloads on either self-managed or fully managed cloud environments. And with the recent launch of IBM Rapid Move for SAP S/4 HANA Services, IBM helps simplify migration, enabling Enterprises to safely and securely move to the future at pace.

If you are at #SAPTechEd in Bangalore next week, don’t forget to join Ratnakar Reddy for his Lecture Hall session at 2pm on November 14th where he will describe IBM Services capabilities for SAP as a prelude to a conversation with a leading construction engineering enterprise on how they achieved operational efficiencies and drove business value with SAP S/4 HANA adoption.

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