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Business owners for enterprises of all sizes are struggling to find the next generation of solutions that will unlock the hidden patterns and value from their data. Many organizations are turning to artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) to provide higher levels of value and increased accuracy from a broader range of data than ever before. They are looking to AI to provide the basis for the next generation of transformative business applications that span hundreds of use cases across a variety of industry verticals.

For some enterprises adopting AI, the ability to explain how a system reached its AI-driven conclusion is a critical requirement. Just as children often aren’t satisfied with parents telling them they can’t do something “because they said so”, enterprises leaders need additional justification for changing business processes because an algorithm said so. Unlike traditional analytics, oftentimes it isn’t clear how AI came to a conclusion. Driverless AI incorporates a variety of technologies to help instrument model development and track why a model makes one prediction or decision over another.

Becoming an AI powered business is easier than you think. IBM Power Systems is committed to bringing together the best and brightest innovations in both hardware and software. Businesses that want to analyse huge data pools of textual and numeric data can take advantage of serious performance upticks when pairing H2O Driverless AI with IBM Power Systems infrastructure.

Join Ashwin Srinivas’ Learning Lab session at 9:50am on Nov 14th at the Gartner Symposium in Goa to understand how you could unlock the value of your data in new ways and accelerate your journey to AI with IBM Power Systems.

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