3 areas Enterprises can make use of AI

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In my previous blog on ‘Becoming an AI-driven enterprise’, I described IBM’s point of view on a method and a need to scale the ‘Ladder to AI’. Hopefully it helped you derive a better understanding and appreciation for the products that IBM has recently launched – those which will further enhance your Journey to Cloud & AI.

This blog describes the possible applications for AI that are being seen in enterprises. We classify them into 3 areas:

  • Customer Insights – Spot trends based on customer feedback and better prioritize investments to drive revenue, reduce customer churn and proactively address customer concerns.
  • Customer Interaction – Deploy a business-focussed AI assistant with industry expertise that seamlessly connects into your call centre to improve customer satisfaction and empower live agents – while lowering support costs.
  • Business Automation – With automation, processes can perform in ways that optimize the amount of human support needed, potentially redesigning the way work gets done within an enterprise.

At the upcoming World AI Show in Mumbai on Nov 22-23, 2018, IBM’s AI Business Leader for Asia Pacific, Chetan Krishnamurthy will be talking about the need to evolve an AI strategy, your possible journey path to AI & Cloud and what benefits you can derive from such a deployment, while bearing in mind the challenges along the way. Chetan is also available for 1-1 interactions post his keynote session throughout the day on Nov 22nd.

IBM India/South Asia’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Subram Natarajan, will participate in a panel conversation on the scope of business opportunities for artificial intelligence in India. He too is available for 1-1 interactions during the day.

You will have the opportunity to explore demos and solutions showcasing ‘Trust in AI’, ‘Composable AI’, ‘Enterprise AI at scale’ as well as ‘IBM Cloud Private (ICP)’ and how it is deployed ‘for Data’. We will also bring to the show other ‘AI applications’ based on the Watson Assistant that you can easily adopt in your enterprise processes.

Looking forward to our interactions at the event!

Product Marketing Leader - Industry & Services - IBM India/South Asia

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